Windows Azure SDK for PHP v4.1.0

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Released: Dec 3, 2011
Updated: Dec 3, 2011 by maartenba
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Source Code Windows Azure SDK for PHP v4.1.0
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Source Code Windows Azure SDK for PHP v4.1.0 (PEAR package)
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Release Notes

Windows Azure SDK for PHP requires no special installation steps. Simply download the SDK,
extract it to the folder you would like to keep it in, and add the library directory
to your PHP include_path.

Maarten Balliauw provides an unofficial PEAR channel via Here's how to use it:

New installation:
pear channel-discover
pear install pearplex/PHPAzure

Or if you've already installed PHPAzure before:
pear upgrade pearplex/PHPAzure

Windows Azure SDK for PHP requires PHP 5.2.4 or later.

Once you have a copy of Windows Azure SDK for PHP available, your application will need to
access the SDK classes. Though there are several ways to achieve this, your PHP include_path
needs to contain the path to the Windows Azure SDK for PHP classes under the /library
directory in this distribution. You can find out more about the PHP include_path
configuration directive here:

Instructions on how to change PHP configuration directives can be found here:

The /tests directory in this distribution contains various samples on how to work with
Windows Azure SDK for PHP.

  • Performance improvements
  • Rollup of V4.0.1, V4.0.2, V4.0.3, V4.0.4 and V4.0.5
  • Better Linux command line support
  • Added support for Windows Azure SDK 1.6 and up
  • Added support for Windows Azure SDK 1.5 and up
  • Table storage logger now uses batch commits
  • RdRoleId, RoleDeploymentID, RoleInstanceID, RoleName environment variables are injected at boot time in the default scaffolder

  • New feature: Service Management API support for SQL Azure
  • New feature: Service Management API's exposed as command-line tools
  • New feature: MicrosoftWindowsAzureRoleEnvironment for retrieving environment details
  • New feature: Package scaffolders
  • Integration of the Windows Azure command-line packaging tool
  • Expansion of the autoloader class increasing performance
  • Several minor bugfixes and performance tweaks

  • Breaking change: Table storage entities now return DateTime objects instead of strings for Edm.DateTime properties
  • New feature: Service Management API in the form of MicrosoftWindowsAzureManagement_Client
  • New feature: logging infrastructure on top of table storage
  • Session provider now works on table storage for small sessions, larger sessions can be persisted to blob storage
  • Queue storage client: new hasMessages() method
  • Introduction of an autoloader class, increasing speed for class resolving
  • Several minor bugfixes and performance tweaks

  • Utility functions for verifying if a storage container (container, table, queue) exists
  • Minor bugfixes

  • Update to Windows Azure Storage REST version 2009-09-19
  • Enhancements to Shared Key authentication
  • Support for page blobs
  • New naming rules for container, blob, and queue metadata
  • Blob snapshots
  • Blob leases
  • Enhanced control over publicly accessible container and blob resources
  • Anonymous access to the root container
  • Additional options for enumerating containers, blobs, and queues
  • Additional blob properties
  • A DequeueCount property for messages, which indicates how many times a message has been dequeued
  • Support for configuring Windows Azure Diagnostics

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LOL the pre processing starts to work already. Very well thought out like any pre-process does. My analytical post process doesn't even get stuck now with and around MICROSOFT environment.
by qmutz on May 13, 2012 at 5:20 PM